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Providing retail investors and traders a more reliable means of trading financial securities

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MarketGod Trading Tools offers a buy and sell indicator from Our tools are for stock traders of every market

MarketGod Trading

Started in 2017 before launching in April 2019, MarketGod Trading is an Internet business based in Seattle, WA. Our software tools offer a service that retail traders, funds and institutions have implemented into their financial trading strategy, to enhance it's performance over time. 

Simply put, we are built for day traders, stock traders and various trading levels of experience.

The relevance of technical analysis to a given security is debated globally almost every day it seems. We firmly believe an application of both fundamental analysis and applied technical analysis combine for the most successful and dynamic formula when trading. 

For us, fundamental analysis and financial analysis of balance sheets can indicate what to trade and invest in, but technical analysis will tell you when it will do it. By taking this approach and implementing various methods of risk management, probability and price action, we are able to build quite a tool that all can benefit from.  

This took nearly three years researching, testing and implementing trading strategies for retail traders and private clients. Since our launch in Mid-2019, we've grown to nearly 2000 users in nearly 100 countries across the globe. 

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Eric M. Thies - Founder & Managing Partner

Eric Thies is the author of the original MarketGod Concept and the Founder of MarketGod Trading. 

Eric is known in the cryptocurrency social media community for his technical analysis based content, and his consistently reliable price action calls to followers on Twitter. 

Originally creating MarketGod Trading as a framework for his own personal trading, Eric soon realized the algorithm being created had far more potential than originally thought. 

Understanding the gray-area that exist in retail facing stock market services products as a whole Eric continues to ensure MarketGod Trading maintains and grows a positive reputation, and has an incredibly detailed roadmap of what MarketGod Trading hopes to expand into in the future. 

Eric M Thies is the Founder of MarketGod Trading and the Author of the MarketGod Buy & Sell Indicator. Eric has been trading financial markets for 5+ years and practices technical analysis + additional core fundamentals of investing on a daily basis.

Eric Thies of MarketGod Trading


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