Day 2 Trading Test

Sorry for the late post here: I don’t typically trade Tuesday’s, and I didn’t today either, but here are the results from Market God from today:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 9.43.50 PM

All in all, we had 4 sell alerts and 4 buy alerts today. It was a fairly choppy day, so this is where the value of pairing a trading style with Market God comes into play. the first circle on the left cover 2 buy signals and 2 sell signals. None of these spots would have qualified using my setup, so I wouldn’t have taken any of these trades, and had you taken all 4 you would have likely only broke even (chop will do that).

The second circle is a sell alert that would have been an extremely quick trade, but you could have made a quick 20% depending on the strike you chose.

Third circle is the one trade confirmed by my setup that I would have taken. It’s a buy alert, and based on $2970 7/3 calls, would have yielded about 45% (remember it’s a Tuesday, so gains and losses are all less extreme.)

The last two circles also wouldn’t have been confirmed by my setup, but while the sell signal would have produced a 15%ish loss, the buy signal was good for about 50%.

That’s it for today’s summary, I intend to trade tomorrow, (7/3), but remember it is a short day, we close at 1PM EST.

Summary 7/1/2019 (Total all days):

Total Market God Buy Alerts: 4 (5)

Total Market God Sell Alerts: 4 (5)

Buy alerts confirmed by Nathan’s strategy: 1 (2)

Sell alerts confirmed by Nathan’s strategy: 0 (0)

Buy alert average hypothetical profit: 24% (79%)

Sell alert average hypothetical profit: 1.5% (25%)

Buy alert real profit: 0% (0%)

Sell alert real profit: 0% (0%)


Trades taken: 0 (0)

Total Profit: 0 (0)

Account Value: $1,500