Day 3 Trading Test

Hey guys, so a couple big takeaways from today.

1: Market God didn’t give any buy or sell indications until 10 minutes before market close, so any gain on those alerts would have had to have been holding 7/5 calls through the 4th break, and as I’ve mentioned this test is strictly day trading based, so no trades were taken.

2: As is typical, today was a very low volume day. Days before a holiday break tend to have that symptom. Had you bought $2985 calls at open based off of yesterday’s buy signal, you could have made over 900%: those calls went from around $1 at open to over $10 at close. That’s a phenomenal gain, made possible by using yesterday’s Market God sentiment and applying it to today. I normally would have bought calls today, but as I’ve stated, I will not take positions based on a previous day’s alert for the sake of this test, (but I have no problem with doing so on a general trading basis: you can see from the results today how well it can work). Low volume days are also somewhat tough to predict, but since the overall sentiment this week is up, that would have been the play.

3: Not taking a position through 3 days of this test has been frustrating, but that’s the value of using Market God: it is forcing me to use patience, and essentially takes all emotional responses out of my buys. I’m avoiding forcing any trades, and as is such, I’ve minimized my risk exposure.

That’s it for today’s summary, I fully intend to finally take a position on Friday, (7/3), as long as Market God allows it, so we shall reconvene then. Lastly, Happy 4th everyone, be safe and forget about the market for the next day and a half!


Summary 7/3/2019 (Total all days):

Total Market God Buy Alerts: 0 (5)

Total Market God Sell Alerts: 0 (5)

Buy alerts confirmed by Nathan’s strategy: 0 (2)

Sell alerts confirmed by Nathan’s strategy: 0 (0)

Buy alert average hypothetical profit: N/A (79%)

Sell alert average hypothetical profit: N/A (25%)

Buy alert average real profit: 0% (0%)

Sell alert average real profit: 0% (0%)


Trades taken: 0 (0)

Total Profit: 0 (0)

Account Value: $1,500