Day 4 Trading Test

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Hey guys, my apologies for the late post for Friday’s results, but here it is:

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 3.34.32 PM

As you can see, there are 4 alerts total for the day. The first sell signal was confirmed by my trading setup, and I took a position for the first time. I entered into 1 $2980 put just after open for $5.1 ($510) and sold it around an hour later at $8.9 ($890). The percentage gain possible from this alert was about 120%, (I sold a bit before bottom).

The second alert, a buy signal, was also confirmed by my setup, and I also took a position, 1 $2980 call at $2.9, and sold at $3.6. Possible gain here was really only about 25%. After this trade, I called it a day.

The 3rd alert, a sell signal, would not have been qualified by my setup, and it would have yielded about a 20% loss.

The last buy signal was actually the best opportunity of the day, and could have yielded over 300%, I would have considered a position here.

All in all, not a bad week despite the lack of actual trading.

Summary 7/5/2019 (Total all days):

Total Market God Buy Alerts: 2 (7)

Total Market God Sell Alerts: 2 (7)

Buy alerts confirmed by Nathan’s strategy: 2 (4)

Sell alerts confirmed by Nathan’s strategy: 1 (1)

Buy alert average hypothetical profit: 168% (104%)

Sell alert average hypothetical profit: 50% (32%)

Buy alert average real profit for day: 24%

Sell alert average real profit for day: 74%


Trades taken: 2 (2)

Total Profit: $426.04 ($426.04)

Account Value: $1,926.04