Introducing MarketGod v6.4

MarketGod 6.4 Release Notes 

MarketGod v6.4 takes the quality of v6.3 and ideally removes a large amount of the noise that was included in previous versions. While still far from perfect, Eric and the team continue to develop this tool and share some of the new updates about it below. 

MarketGod v6.4 shown on BTCUSD 30min Chart

Release note highlights of MarketGod v6.4 

  • Changes from the crown Buy/Sell signals, to a more subtle ‘+’ and ‘-‘ 
  • Addition of Guppy EMA visual 
  • Higher performance with less noise on alerts 
  • Increased accuracy on options trading & margin trading 
  • Increased accuracy on Alt Pairs with BTC 
    • The MOST accurate pair still continues to be BTC/USD pairs & other pairs against USD. 
  • Alert updates in sync with previous 6.3 verbiage 

How To Add: 

  • Delete old indicator (v6.3) from Tradingview chart 
  • Refresh your browser 
  • Re-Add the tradingview indicator from the ‘invite only’ section of your indicators, or just search “Market god” in the public library. IT WILL STILL BE NAMED “ Market God v6 | Register on…… “ this is due to tradingview limitations and we have no ability to update the main indicator name while maintaining the same users / people with permissions. 
  • You will need to clear the prior alerts you had from previous versions of MarketGod in order for the new alerts you set to work the best they can. 
After refreshing your browser, re-add to v6.4 by searching ‘Market God’ in your public library. The one to select is highlighted above in the white box.

Extended Indicator Specs: 

  • Customize and send Buy and Sell notifications 
  • Alerts painted on chart by default 
  • Add accompanying visuals to bypass TradingViews ‘3 maximum per account’ indicator limit on their free-user accounts 
    • Bollinger Bands 
    • Keltner Channels 
    • Ichimoku Cloud 
    • Guppy EMA 
    • Parabolic SAR 
    • Pivots 
    • High/Low 

If any of these terms or trading references are unknown, we recommend a search on Google or / other resources to fill in your knowledge and expand your use of the tool. 

Suggested TimeFrames: 

  • 5 minute 
  • 15 minute 
  • 30 minute 
  • 1hr 
  • 4hr 
  • 6hr 
  • 1D 
  • 3D 
  • 2W 

Best of Luck & Happy Trading!


You will notice the 1M and 1W are less accurate than before and do not fire as they do on previous versions. As of now, this is the small price to pay for the accuracy and noise reduction enhancements added on the lower frames in this update.