MarketGod Indicator Update – May 17th, 2019

Indicator Update from Week 3


Taking a moment to pause, acknowledge & update many who have taken the time and consideration of sharing thoughts on the tool with me since we rolled out v6 at the beginning of the Month.

After spending the majority of the day yesterday and today handling the overwhelming amount of feedback regarding the 6.0.1 update, several things have been brought to my attention, and I’d like to address them here. Below, I’ll be discussing my thoughts on

  1. Current Indicator Performance & what will be changing one last time before the focus changes to being content driven, rather than frequent updates.
  2. Future indicator plans & overall direction of what I aim to drive towards. 

First, let me start by thanking each and every user for your continued faith and understanding that this tool will continue to improve. I couldn’t have asked for a more successful launch, and did not expect for the user base to grow as it has. In-fact, its almost too much for the goals I have in place as of now, and what I want this to be in the end.

That said –  Tonight at midnight, I plan on halting new user registration until I can confidently say that the infrastructure for this operation is in place to handle the rate of growth that we’ve seen. 

It’s my goal and priority to make MarketGod as great as it can be, and continue improving it for all, and the people who are already registered deserve the improvements I plan on making, this being the fastest way to do so. 

Regarding v6.0.1

  • If you’re thinking this new update is garbage on a functional level, know that you aren’t alone. I agree, it is garbage, and I understand completely.
  • Also, If you’re sick of the updates, the frequent number changes, inconsistent material on the indicator & other small details, I also completely agree. It’s not fair to anyone & there needs to be a better system in place for communication and execution. 

There is one more update coming tonight. It is a new indicator but with the old scripts that you love.

Moving forward, all versions of the MarketGod *Indicator* (not strategy), will be known as ‘MarketGodPro’. The settings within, will be the version number.

Next: The Name: ‘MGv_’ vs ‘MGv_’ vs ‘MGPRO ‘ vs whatever else its been listed as: I plan on solidifying this. Now.

Within MarketGodPro, you will see the various settings, which will include past and future indicator versions. See the posted screenshot below of the update you will be receiving later tonight, which is below as reference. The reasoning for this, is that every single one of you have a preference on which is the most effective, and that can’t be up to me to decide when and how it changes.

MarketGodPro and its settings within. The tool is MarketGodPro, the settings will be the respective scripts.

Once updated – Here are my priorities for the coming week,     

  • Website consolidation: My domains are a mess.
    • .trade, .info, .io 
    •  (As of now, .io will be the primary) 
  •     Content Content Content. Tutorials. Strategies & More.

Indicator Functionality and improvement (TBD)

  • Automations & Bots
  • New Indicator Features

While I take the time to get all this done, I will not be active in discord, responsive to majority of DMs, and apologize if I miss anything from any of you, as my focus is getting the tool where I want it to be. I will check emails once or twice a day, so please send any absolutely critical questions/concerns to

I want this to be 10x what it is as of now and I appreciate you for your time in reading this update.

-Eric Thies

MarketGod Trading Tools