Update on PineScript Release

Where We Stand & Whats Next

Its been Brought to my attention over the past week that our partner Tradingview.com has released version 4 of their PineScript programming language. The release from them can be found here

This is great news! First looks at the language show massive opportunity for the MarketGod Trading series to continue growing in its success and the abilities it was limited to in the past. 

To be honest, I’ve been so focused on MarketGod v6.4 that between the work I’ve been putting in there, and a vacation I took, I have not really been given a strong opportunity for myself to evaluate and see what the next step for us at MarketGod Trading is, now that the entire programming language we based our tool on, has changed in its entirety. As it was not expected, I will take some time to review the language and see what capabilities I can now develop, that may have been limited in the past. 

That said, v6.4 will still be released. With the American Holiday Weekend, we will release the tool on July 8th 2019. 

We also have been working on an automated bot that can trade automatically, which hit a wall after the Binance.US announcement earlier in June. This is on track to launch in the beginning of August, as building the workaround for the wrench thrown by Binance required our full attention. 

Version 4 release of PineScript on tradingview.com is a great chance for us to expand our horizons in future versions of our tool and will not slow our plans to continue growing our capabilities and reach with the tool. That said, here’s what you can expect from us in the near future 

  • Version v.6.4 release of MarketGod Trading Indicator on July 8th
  • Automated Trading Bot Release of 8.1.2019 – This is tentative date and will require new subscription from majority of users 
    • This model is still being played with and anything is fair game on pricing at this point. Of course current users will have preferential treatment. 

More updates to come as they arise, but PineScript v4 will be a great great thing here for us, as the initial scan of its capabilities look to be completely positive for our tool. 

Cheers –