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New User Guide

Learn the basics on getting started with MarketGod. These are our recommendations from our team and suggested uses for optimizing and making the most of its use. While we expand this section continually, let us know if you're in need of additional help by emailing [email protected] or joining our Discord Community.

MarketGod Trading New User Guide

New User Guide

Hello and welcome to MarketGod Trading. Whether you are new to the toolset or a seasoned veteran, we appreciate your presence and hope to maintain your trading success, and ideally add value to your trades prior to making them. If you've just purchased access to MarketGod for Tradingview, we will get you added shortly. 

This guide aims to Establish a framework / fundamental understanding of what our tools do, so they can utilize and apply them best. In addition, 

If you're just getting started and don't know how to add MarketGod in the Tradingview Public Library, we recommend you start in the tutorials section for assistance. 

To start things off - we highly recommend

  1. Follow us on our social platforms. Not in the standard "like and subscribe for more cool content' kind of way, but in the genuine sense that we post our updates and critical news to our users on social media. At the very least, follow us on Twitter, Youtube and Tradingview so you can get updated when needed. 
  2. Secondly, add the following Email Address to your Contacts + Whitelisted Domains "Eric Thies, [email protected]". This is your main point of contact for administrative and support related issues. 
  3. Watch and review our tutorials, and other resources provided on this site. It is ever changing and we update it frequently. 

Additional Resources for our Tools Include 

If you've seen MarketGod in the Tradingview Library, You have likely noticed you have access to MarketGod v5, MarketGod v6, MarketGod v7, and MarketGodx. At the time of this writing, Only v6 and v7 have an accompanying back-test published,  but we are working to have back-tests for v5 and MarketGodx rather soon as well. 

MarketGod Versions and the Differences Between Them 

  • Each version number has its own buy and sell criteria, that is different from another version. 
    • Ex) v5 and v6 are completely different from a component level. 
  • Each change to the versioning is an update or bug that was removed. For example v7 and v7.1 are the same buy and sell criteria v7.1 was a removal of a bug from v7, etc.

NOTE: When we update to a new version, users will need to delete all prior alerts set for the now previous version. This prevents ghost alerts from occurring, where the signal is not printing but the alert has fired.In theory, MarketGod version become more accurate as they progress. This will be more easy to see when we release MarketGod v1, v2, v3 and v4 by June 2020. 

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