Color Chart - Use these HEX codes

#f4f4f4 – White on Black
#3821ff – Light Blue
#ffff00 – Bright Yellow
#26303b – Dark Gray
#160987 – Dark Blue
#f1df00 – Dark Yellow
#54595f – Light Gray


To ensure consistency with naming, email addresses, social media accounts, product names, descriptions, etc. only use what is listed on this page.


Company Name:  

  • Market God Trading Tools
Tag Line:
  •  [todo: add tag line]

Email Address:  

  • [todo: add story]
Social Media


  • Product: MG Pro v6
  • Description:  Trading Indicator 
  • Versions [todo: create release scheme]: 
    • v6 – Initial Release
    • v6.1.0 – June 1st Release
    • v6.1.5 – June 15th Candle Fix
    • v6.2.0 – August 1st Release
  • Product: MG Pro v5.3 Source Code
  • Description:  Trading Indicator Source Code
  • Versions:  
    •  v5.3 Initial Release