The Most Advanced Buy/Sell Indicator Available

  • Works across all tickers, markets, and indices
  • Functional across majority timeframes
  • Customizable to supplement your strategy

MarketGod Pro Features

Set Alerts

We've made it incredibly simple to set alerts from the indicator, via parameters you establish yourself.

Customized Design

Change the Market God v6 study as needed, with options to completely change the color scheme, along with the shape of the alert.

Constant Updates & Available Support

Once a customer, always a customer. Any updates or future releases on a MarketGod Buy/Sell Study are included

Trading View Access

Our tool is accessed through Tradingview.com - the webs most advanced and user friendly charting application. Applying our indicator just became tenfold more effective, as Trading View's catalogue of data makes the application endless.

Pay in Crypto

Proudly accepting cryptocurrency through Coinbase Commerce. If you're interested in using a currency that isn't listed. Please contact us at support@marketgod.info

Get Your Time Back

Like you, our tool is in it for the long haul - its consistently accurate signals will save you time and effort that you can use elsewhere, while still benefitting from the lifestyle of a trader.

Trade Every Market

Our tool was designed while trading cryptocurrencies, but has proven success in all markets. Our tool enables you to see the trends, and flows of any market, and respond accordingly as needed. Try it out today!

  • Options
  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Indicies

Learn about the MG Pro v6

Our extensive Tutorials and FAQ covers all the common questions about how to integrate MG Pro with Trading View.

Premium Access

Improve your trading with the Market God Premium Trading Indicator (via tradingview.com). Our TA-based indicator uses several bullish and bearish signals to determine what price action will most likely do, in a given situation.

  • Built in PineScript on Tradingview.com 
  • Set Alerts and Signals as needed
  • No Premium TV Account Required (although preferred)
  • No repainting

Other indicators will ‘repaint’ or add buy/sells after the fact, Market God is guaranteed in real time

  • Indicator will continue to be improved upon over course of lifetime
  • Design your ultimate look by changing the colors, icons and alert texts to your liking
  • Good for all markets, strategies, tickers, and variations of trading including
      • Crypto
      • Forex
      • Swing Trading
      • Day Trading
      • LongTerm Investing
      • Options Trading
      • Stocks/Equities
      • ETFs, Funds, Indexes

The script will paint a candle under the right parameters *at the open* of the subsequent candle. This is a side effect of needed confirmation with the data within the buy/sell parameters.

Suggested Uses

WAIT FOR CANDLE CLOSE before confirming if a candle has printed or not. If the current period prints an alert, it can still change depending on price action for the given period. 

Use heikin ashi candles for best results. All candle stick charts also work, although heikin ashi continues to consistently be the most effective. 

Any signals given on a higher time frame will immediately override the lower frames. IE, IF XRPBTC gives a 1D ‘Buy’ while also giving a 1 Month ‘Sell’ alert, the trader should follow the monthly alert.

How it Works

Through use of tradingview.com’s Pine Script programming language, I have spent thousands of hours in both direct and indirect work, building the indicator we have today. The study itself is built off of several popular components, that are popular in all forms of trading. These include portions of strategies such as

  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Keltner Channels
  • EMA/SMA & Moving Averages
  • MACD
  • Stochastic RSI 
  • Stochastic 
  • KDJ

You see, each of these aforementioned indicators all derive from two components of a trade in some sort of way, which in this case, is price & volume. Each also carries its own Buy and Sell signals, that can be found through dedicated research on the web, and hours of practice. Once I was really understanding why things are calculated and how different measurements can be used in my favor, I was able to pick which pieces would make sense in applying through the indicator itself. Trial and error became a second language to me, the first being PineScript itself.Had I been counting the number of failed versions I’d gone though, a conservative estimate would be well above 10,000. Many of the attempts were simple chart updates I would use to test the indicator, but attempts none-the-less. This became an obsession for me as I got further into it, and will undoubtedly continue improving it as needed, after it’s release. All components considered, the main challenge, was finding a balance that engaged traders consistently, without created too much noise to follow, while maintaining its accuracy & applicability to all tickers and timeframes. That said, it is imperative to understand that this study is not a guarantee profit maker & all who add the tool to their strategy, need to understand that the goal is to win only a majority of the time. To say the least, this has been built as a reference, and should be far from the only reason you enter a trade. It is highly recommended that you backtest, or paper trade before using this study, as it is intended to be a tool, and not the end-all-be-all.


Over 600 users in the beta test, feedback from thousands, make sure this is accurate....

Very good help for regular trading. It helps to build additional confidence to enter the trade.

Beta Participant
via Google Survey

I've found it very useful to confirm my own TA. It's a clean, no-nonsense and simple to use tool.

Twitter User & Beta Participant
via Google Survey

@MarketGodv6 makes it easy to confirm entires and exits, it’s a great tool for reading trend reversals and taking quick scalps

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