MarketGod Trading Tools

Take your trading game to the next level with our signature indicator, the MarketGod Trading Series.  By applying the MarketGod Trading Indicator to your charts on TradingView,  you’ll know when the trends have changed to your preference. 
  • Suggests when to Buy or Sell in a given market
  • Sends Alerts as Needed
  • Great for Altcoins, Bitcoin, Forex, Options, and More

Set Alerts

We've made it incredibly simple to set alerts from the indicator, via parameters you establish yourself.

Customized Design

Change the Market God v6 study as needed, with options to completely change the color scheme, along with the shape of the alert.

Constant Updates & Available Support

Once a customer, always a customer. Any updates or future releases on a MarketGod Buy/Sell Study are included

Trading View Access

Our tool is accessed through - the webs most advanced and user friendly charting application. Applying our indicator just became tenfold more effective, as Trading View's catalogue of data makes the application endless.

Pay in Crypto

Proudly accepting cryptocurrency through Coinbase Commerce. If you're interested in using a currency that isn't listed. Please contact us at

Get Your Time Back

Like you, our tool is in it for the long haul - its consistently accurate signals will save you time and effort that you can use elsewhere, while still benefitting from the lifestyle of a trader.

Learn about the MarketGod Trading Series

Our extensive Tutorials and FAQ cover all the common questions about how to access on Tradingview.


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