Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the MarketGod Trading Tool? 

The MarketGod Trading Tools are a series of indicators that were released by Eric Thies on in early 2019. Originally released free of charge, the tool quickly gained traction in the community and became popular across crypto communities, forex groups, and options markets alike. Wanting to further its development, the decision was made to create a premium community that could benefit from the tool, and enable a strong team to come and build the indicator into what it is intended to be. 

Will this work outside of crypto trading?

Yes, absolutely – Our signature tool, the MarketGodPro Tradingview Indicator was built and designed to be used across any market that you can trade. Trade everything including 

Traditional Markets 

  • Forex (Foreign Exchange / Currencies)
  • Commodities (Gold, Corn, Oil, etc) 
  • Funds – ETFs, Mutual, etc
  • Indices 
  • Equities
  • Options 
  • Penny Stocks 


  • Bitcoin 
  • Altcoins 
I purchased the indicator. Now what?

Thank you for your business. While the process will normally be short, Please allow up to 6 hours for processing, while we are growing at the rate we are.

To make sure you are added quickly as possible, please remember to do the following 

Confirm a user account on Tradingview. We’ve found new accounts/unconfirmed accounts have challenges when we try to add them.
Have provided us with your Tradingview username and email. These are the only details we need once you’ve paid. We will add you ASAP. Please keep an eye on your junk mail, and we will inform you once we confirmed your add. 

Will you charge for those updates too?

No, once purchased, the user will be a customer for the entire lifespan of that tool. With MG Pro will be the last ever released.

You will receive any future updates to the tools released under the Market God Trading Tools name. 

We will likely release automated bots, other various tools, and mobile apps that will also carry a price, but the access to the MG Pro indicator will remain for current customers.  

Is this an automated bot?

No, while we plan on developing automated tools down the road, our tool is limited to being an indicator as of now.

Once Purchased, How do I gain access to the MG Premium Trading Indicator?

You will need a Trading View account.  You can create one at no cost:

Are there free trials offered?

Not at this time. Please check back at a later date.

What resources are available to me after purchasing the indicator?

Welcome! Once you’re confirmed and added, you have this FAQ section, our tutorials section, our Discord group, our Telegram channel and our support team available for questions or help you need assistance with.




Community Discord:

Announcements via Telegram:

How many fees are charged once the Indicator is purchased?

None, at all – we have a one-time start-up cost, which you pay when you start. From there it is lifetime access on specifically this MarketGodPro Indicator.

 Use our Tutorials link to start learning the basics of using our indicator on